The Authors Unedited podcast journey will begin on Thursday October 3.

Our guests will be a mix of well known authors, and authors you should know if you don’t already. I’ll ask them questions, hear them read, and give you the chance to submit questions to them. The format will be similar to that of a book festival event.

There are 12 incredibly talented writers, who live and work in Scotland, lined up for our first series. Episodes will be released fortnightly from the beginning of October and they’ll be available on all the podcasting platforms that I can think of.

The idea for the podcast sprang from my experience as a spoken word promoter.

For five years in London, and nearly a year in Edinburgh, great writers have passed through the doors of Listen Softly, shared their work, and it’s been so fantastic – but I never get a chance to sit and talk to them. They read, and it’s much loved by our audience, but I want more. I want to know how their minds work, what brought their characters and words into existence, what challenges they’ve faced on their journey, their hopes for the future, and much more.

I have lived in Scotland for almost a year, and it is full of criminally underrated writers and I want this podcast to play some role in sharing their voices around the world.