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Guest announcement: Colin McGuire

It’s an enormous pleasure to announce that Colin McGuire is to be a guest on series one of Authors Unedited.

Colin is a poet and performer from Glasgow, who lives in Edinburgh, who continues to develop a reputation as a dynamic, engaging performer and poet. He is also an ESOL teacher and Mindfulness Meditation practitioner.

His recent collection is ‘Enhanced fool disclosure’ (Speculative Books, 2018), part confessional, part social critique of the amoral and the immoral impulses with us and the wider world. It includes some of his most thematically challenging work, addressing addiction, sexuality, mental health and criminality.

He won the Out: Spoken award for the ‘film poetry’ category and best poetry overall in London in 2018 for his poem ‘The Glasgae Boys’. He has won several slams and made it to the semi-final during several Edinburgh Fringe BBC Slams.

McGuire has also created a long-form spoken-word theatre performance ‘The Wake-up call’ which has been performed at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh Lyceum and at the Hidden Door festival in Edinburgh 2018. He had a three-day run at the Roxy Theatre as part of the Assembly Festival in 2019.

He is currently studying an M.Sc. Studies in Mindfulness at Aberdeen University, looking at the relationship between expressive writing, meditation and mental health.

Twitter – @McGuireOlaf