Andrew Kaufman – All My Friends Are Superheroes

All My Friends Are Superheroes, by Andrew Kaufman, is an unexpectedly gorgeous romance that cracks your heart, millimetre by millimetre with each page, wide open.

The story revolves around a man called Tom, and Tom is not a superhero. However everyone in his life, including his wife, is. At their wedding his wife, the Perfectionist, is hypnotised by her jealous ex so that she cannot see Tom and the story follows Tom as he aims to become visible to his wife once again.

This book is only 108 pages long, and it can be read in one sitting, but don’t be lulled into thinking that it is an easy read. The pages sing to you like no book I’ve read in a long while does, but the real challenge of the text comes in just how rapidly Kaufman has you bare your own soul. This is a book that you can sit on the bus crying to and not care at all.

When you buy this book, and I hope you do because it will bring a lot to your life, you’re not just buying one copy – you’re buying every present that you want to give people until you’ve run out of friends and family to give it to.

Especially with winter coming, this book will encourage someone you care about to make a big warm cup of something, snuggle down, and allow them a few hours of raw escapism.