Alice Furse – Everyone Knows This is Nowhere

In her debut novel, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, Alice Furse stunningly, and with a grace that many more mature authors will never muster, depicts the slow descent of her protagonist into the kind of sadness that we all fear – the inevitable acceptance that this is it. Furse is Orwellian in her depiction of… Continue reading Alice Furse – Everyone Knows This is Nowhere


John Lanchester – Capital

(Written a bit back...) Christmas has been and gone. The seemingly never ending hours in the car, the aching arms from lugging presents to relative’s houses, and the cramps from the endless mountain of Brazil nuts and the red foiled chocolates that no one wants, are gone. All that hassle for a day that was… Continue reading John Lanchester – Capital


Andy Weir – Artemis

Artemis is the second novel from sci-fi writer, Andy Weir. Weir’s first novel, The Martian, was the international bestseller that started out as a self-published book distributed by his own website. The Martian was subsequently made into a film starring Matt Damon, making a follow up that could achieve the same level of success seem… Continue reading Andy Weir – Artemis


Helen Barbour – The A to Z of Normal

The A to Z of Normal is the debut novel from Helen Barbour, and it follows Clare Thorpe as she battles to ensure that her blossoming new relationship can flourish and allow her to have the life and security that she’s always dreamed of. Clare is a very modern woman, successful, focussed, engaged with the… Continue reading Helen Barbour – The A to Z of Normal


Andrew Kaufman – All My Friends Are Superheroes

All My Friends Are Superheroes, by Andrew Kaufman, is an unexpectedly gorgeous romance that cracks your heart, millimetre by millimetre with each page, wide open. The story revolves around a man called Tom, and Tom is not a superhero. However everyone in his life, including his wife, is. At their wedding his wife, the Perfectionist,… Continue reading Andrew Kaufman – All My Friends Are Superheroes

Podcast news

Episode one…out now!

After weeks of anticipation, the first episode of Authors Unedited has been release. The episode is an interview with, and a reading from, Claire Askew. Claire is the author of the poetry collection This changes things (2016, Bloodaxe), and the novels All The Hidden Truths (2018) and What You Pay For (2019), both published by… Continue reading Episode one…out now!


Anneliese Machintosh – Any Other Mouth

There are few contemporary writers with the story telling ability of Anneliese Mackintosh. In Any Other Mouth, her collection of short stories, she crafts words in a not dissimilar fashion to how Michelangelo chiselled marble. She is relentless with her assault on your mind, like the Italian was relentless in the way he exposed your… Continue reading Anneliese Machintosh – Any Other Mouth


Adrian Walker – The End of the World Running Club

(Written before I moved to Edinburgh...) I’ve only briefly been to Edinburgh once, however, I am going again this year but during the festival. Reading opening pages of the Edinburgh based novel, The End of the World Running Club has, I think, prepared me for the onslaught of what a midAugust Edinburgh during the Fringe… Continue reading Adrian Walker – The End of the World Running Club