Your host

Authors Unedited is hosted by me, Dominic Stevenson!

I am an experienced writer, event host, event chair, photographer, and communications professional. I currently live in Edinburgh, though my professional and artistic endevours take me all over the place.

I also the host of Listen Softly – a spoken word night for those who may not get a chance at other spoken word nights.

I set up Listen Softly because I stutter, I’m dyslexic, and I have irlen syndrome, and all of these things together meant I didn’t feel hugely confident about going on the spoken word circuit. It wasn’t just self-indulgence though setting up the night…along the way I met many others who didn’t feel that they had a place on the stage, and so I’ve spent six years, five in London and one in Edinburgh, cultivating that space – one available to all.

My own writing is going okay…I have released two books of poetry with Winter Goose Publishing and I am currently querying my first novel, White Feathers.

Aside from literature and words, I am a football coach, working with the U/9 team at a Scottish Lowland League team.

You can find out more about me on my website.